MIDI glitches and playback problems after saving

Hi everyone. Another silly and obvious question from me to all you experienced heads :slight_smile:

I’ve started trying out The Grand 3 in some of my projects, but I keep having problems and I’m really not sure where to start.

I find that while I’m working a project, I can record and play back generally without any problems for a period of time - then the piano starts to sound horribly distorted - does anyone know what could be causing this? My system performance seems to be fine.

The bigger problem I have is that when I reload the project after doing something else, I can no longer hear the Grand. I can hear my audio tracks and my Superior Drummer fine, but for some reason the Grand just won’t sound.

I’ve posted this here because I suspect it’s something I’m doing wrong with MIDI but let me know if you think I should direct it to a different part of the forum.

Thanks all, I really appreciate the hive knowledge here, it’s invaluable to me as a lone performer / recorder with no musician friends who know anything about DAWs!

Solved the playback problem. The track was greyed out. Somehow it had been muted using Shift + M. Have unmuted using Shift + U. Didn’t know this was a feature but seems handy.