MIDI gone after updating 7.02???

Updated on saturday and now my MIDI is gone though it shows as active in device manager. I did everything from enabling/disabling ports, reinstalled automap and other drivers, still no signal(virtual keyboard works though). :imp:
Everything is fine in C6.5.
Any ideas? Except downgrading.

i5 2500k
Gigabyte H67
Focusrite 2i2
Novation Zero SLMk2

preferences>midi thru enabled ?

I have found that trashing your prefs works wonders on a plethora of seeminly unrelated issues… :wink:

I´ll try later tonight after work.
But if these work, is this something I should do every time I update, i.e Trash prefs, check midithru?
Steinberg doesn´t state these at update process.
This is second time major problems with C7.
First there was no sound, that was fixed by ditching ASIO and using focusrite´s own crapware. And now no midi, I´m starting to think updating was major mistake. Though I like the new features, but I would never start new project with C7 yet.
Hope we get fully functional C7.1

i have the same problem in the 7.0.2.
I get no Input from my MIDI Devices (Arturia Keyboard and Akai LPD8) but they all shown as MIDI Inputs.
I all other Software’s they work fine.
Trashing the default.xml will not help!

My solution:
Before i start Cubase, i open another programm with MIDI Input. I.E. MIDI-OX.
I close the other application and then open Cubase.
After that procedure Cubase receives data from my devices.

Chears Ingo

Thank you so much for this, It worked. Trashing prefs didn´t and my midi thru was active.
Now Steinberg needs to address this problem. It will be frustrating , if you need to open another program just to make cubase´s midi to function :frowning:

So far so good, I needed to restart machine and tried cubase after that and midi is still working. :smiley:

Excellent, congrats!

Hi Jari,
nice that i can help you.
Do you also use the Steinberg CMC Controllers?
I mean, i have only this problem, when i use this controllers.

Chears Ingo

No, I don´t have CMC, but was going to buy the six pack probably in next month, but now you made me hesitate.
My MIDI is now working every time I start C7, only thing I did was start and close Kontakt standalone and voilá, MIDI is back.
I wonder, did the update first kill my MIDI drivers or something like that.

I have all of the CMC controllers and they work without any problem whatsoever!
The midi initialization routine will however be noticeably longer for each midi device you add. With 7 CMC controllers + a BCF2000, this equates to about a half minute wait for me at C7 startup (doesn’t bother me, PT10 start is longer)

I was celebrating too early, after updating .net framework midi disappeared again. Good news is that again standalone Kontakt fixed it. Let´s see if tonight it has stayed. If it has stayed I´m sure both W7 and Cubase 7 has some updating related problems. I hope this doesn´t happen every time I update something.


I don’t know if all of you on this post fixed your problem but the post listed above seems to have solved my midi problems. Just remember, as the Steinberg post states, close C7 and restart it.

I removed the mididevices.bin and restarted it. Now midi is gone again.
EDIT: Again open kontakt standalone, load instrument, close it and start C7. Midi is back.