midi groove

I’ve been hired to produce tracks for a musical. The composer have brought in everything as midi files exported from Sibelius. The files open wonderfully, but now it time to edit the midi properties.
The first one is always drum velocities. In the “old days” there was MasterTracks which a great little window where, after selecting events, you could tell it what parts of what beats would be affected, select the desired velocity and bang, most of the tedious work was done…I’ve been using Cubase since its beginning and have never seen anything like that…(the little groove quantized tool in the tool bar seems to be gone) and I’m fairly allergic to the Logical Editor.
It been a long time since I’ve done a MIDI project this big and maybe I’ve missed it in all the wonderful new stuff cubase has… but I’d love it if someone could point me to some global shortcuts.

I’ve probably miss something…

Mac Quad 2.8, 16 gig ram, OS 10.6.8, MOTU 2408 mk3, MOTU midi timepiece,

I dont know if this will help you but do check this out

BTW,the Logical Editor is an amazing tool.

The lil groove Quantize tool bar is there, you have to hit the little drop down arrow next to the quantize amount.

I’m not much of a logical editor user as I’m used to doing it in my method for my style which is using the list editor…
but the logical editor is a useful tool if you learn it…

Another thing you should have viewable is the “Midi Modifiers” on the left pane :nerd:

In the Drum editor you can lasso all the bass drum notes, for example, then change the velocities in the lower pane -with some nice relative sizing options. :neutral_face:

You have used MIDI/Functions/Velocities? :neutral_face: