MIDI Guitar

Hi,Quick Question.
I have a Fishman TriplePlay wireless Midi pickup, works lovely.
When I was tabbing some stuff in cubase it was fine in the piano roll (lots of hand edits) and sounded spot on. It was playing the correct notes, but looking at the TAB in the Score the notes presented were all wrong.

When exporting MIDI to other various programs like Guitar Pro 6 or Progression my notes are all on the wrong strings.
So 7th fret A string is being played on 2nd fret D string, making the tab useless.
I’m kinda scratching my head on where to start trouble shooting this problem.

Any ideas. (I’ve wasted my last day off before christmas trying to sort it out lol)

I’m not familiar with your hardware at all.

But I’ve owned a gr-33 and an ax-50. The roland sounded great as long as you use their sound module built into the unit. If you use a regular sound module or vst it didn’t fare so well. Sometimes a d would be a c with pitch bend to make it a d and things like that. That would work ok but different synths have different pitch bend ranges, from 2 to 24 semi tones if I remember the limits of the spec.

The Axon does really well in making notes that are what they’re supposed to be, had a lot better luck with that.

I’m not sure what the Roland stuff is like now days, they stopped making the ax-50 so not sure what you’d want but I think your problem is inherent in your hardware. Made to do what it does and nothing else.