Midi help compatability issue?

Hi all - not used cubase since 2008 ish and just got a new PC and CUbase 10 Artist…great. However I’m having midi issues when trying to activate anything on a VST. When I try and use the keyboard any vst I get some delayed notes and then the note will hold and hang until I deselect the VST from the track. I’m using my Toneport KB37 for both audio interface and midi controller. It’s old (probably 2007) and I’m wondering if it’s no loger compatable?

Everything in cubase is looking a little alien from the last time I used it so any help would be gratefully received.

Cheers - Jus

Hi and welcome,

If you are on Windows, try to use ASIO4ALL driver instead of the native driver. This will maybe solve the issue.

Thanks - will look into that.