MIDI help in Nashville?

Hey, forgive me but I posted this in the older Cubase forum because I’m using v.5 but maybe someone here is in Nashville and can help a MIDI idiot? I’ve watched a ton of tutorials the last few days and my head is spinning (though filled with lots of cool info). Here’s my original post if there’s anyone in Music City that can possibly help:

Hey y’all-

I’m a Cubase 5 user on a PC but a COMPLETE newb when it comes to MIDI. I watched a bunch of tutorials, which were helpful, but my head is spinning somewhat. What I need to do is use a 4-button USB controller to trigger 3rd party looping software such as Echoloop and Mobius as a plug in (though it doesn’t have to used as a plug in if there’s a better way to do it). I’m trying to loop during live improvisational performances while recording the performance at the same time using other tape-based “Frippertronic”-type VST plug ins.

Anyone in Nashville can help me set this crazy rig up? I’m more than willing to pay for the assistance.
Maybe there’s a Nashville-based rep or something? I’ve got the plug ins installed and showing up fine.
Thanks a lot.