Midi Help Please

Hello again,
All of a sudden, I’ve stopped being able to record midi events. When I set up an instrument track and press a note on my keboard I can hear it, Cubase registers that it has been pressed, the input on the track is set to my midi interface (Focusite 214) but recording doesn’t register anything. This has worked and to my knowledge I don’t believe I’ve changed anything to make it stop working.

Check the MIDI filter section of your preferences. You probably ticked something by accident.

Thanks - tried that and still nothing.

Sorted it.
In Cubase 8 going to the Devices tab and selecting Device Setup, the checkbox for “use system timestamp for directmusic inputs” needs to be checked.
Don’t know why all of a sudden I needed to do this unless my PC suddenly decided to mess up drivers as I’m using ASIO for VST intruments although Midi In does say direct for some reason.

Hmm, you shouldn’t have to check that option – I don’t and it works fine. Have you tried recording to a midi track in a new project? That might help you figure out what has changed.

Occasionally an instrument track will stop responding for no apparent reason. If I quit Cubase and restart, the problem goes away. Maybe you have the same gremlin as me. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried new projects, restarting the machine and I’ve now re-installed Cubase!

And it still doesn’t work (without enabling “use system timestamp for directmusic inputs”)?

No that’s the strange thing. Still it’s working now - thankfully and I can get on with making some music and stop messing with the technology