MIDI HELP! (Switching Mod Wheel and Volume Fade)

First off, thanks in advance for reading and/or replying to my question. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

The skinny is this,

I use Halion Symphonic Orchestra in Cubase Artist 6, and by default the volume of the instruments are quite low, even with the volume knob cranked (in the HSO player) it’s quiet, one has to use the mod wheel to increase the volume. So naturally I used the input transformer to have the modulation wheel mirror itself, giving me the max volume without using it physically. Good solution but I end up using the mod wheel anyway when I’m going for lower volumes, which is often enough to have a negative consequence of mirroring it in the first place.

The only other cross fader type CC on my keyboard is obviously my volume fader. So basically,

-I want my volume fader to control the mod wheel instead of what it’s doing now, which is bypassing the HSO player on/off.

How? :smiley: