MIDI help with Cubase 12

Hello all, I’m recently having an issue with my virtual instruments. I have a Native Instruments Komplete S49. I’ve used it and Cubase for quite a while, and I haven’t had any issues until recently, so I’m trying to figure out what happened.

I don’t seem to be getting MIDI routed to a MIDI or instrument track that I add.

I see that Cubase is receiving MIDI, as I see this whenever I press a key:


I can also use the transport buttons on the keyboard to stop/start Cubase playback.

But when I have a MIDI or instrument track, I don’t see the same visual indicator that the track is receiving MIDI:


This is my configuration:


I’ve tried the MIDI and Instrument tracks separately, but there’s just no signal being sent. Can someone point out where I’ve gone wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, it may sound obvious but what about ‘record enabling’ the instrument/midi track? (It’s not enabled in the picture)

Enable Monitoring on the Track.