MIDI: How the h*** do I use articulations???

Hi all MIDI geniuses.

I sent the following mail via Support Request Form, but I’d like to pursue and find the solution also from here the Forum.

One thing there is that I’d really, REALLY like you to help me with, which I quite couldn’t understand from the manual::::

(I have Cubase 6, by the way…)

How do I use those articulations with MIDI?? Like, say, staccato?

Could you PLEASE explain just ONE tiny example on how do I make like Violins play Staccato notes? You want to say that read the manual again, but could you be so nice this one time that you would give a DETAILED explanation on just this one thing: How do I make Violins play Staccato. I’m sure I’m able to go on from there, but there’s something with MIDI that has always been difficult for me, and I hate it. I don’t hate MIDI at all, but the fact that it clears to me so slowly - all the matematician that I am in the real life.

I’m sure I have to do something like this:

  • Setting up a MIDI or Instrument track for HSO and selecting some Violin from the menu
  • (I have installed the Mini-bank downloaded from Steinberg site)
  • Editing in some notes on the MIDI event
  • Open the Expression Map setup and make a new map and add staccato from there…

And here I get confused!! What are all those SLOTS supposed to mean?

And what is the Output Mapping? And those titles “Status”, “Data 1” and “Data 2”???

And what do I use the values for Channel, Length, Transpose, Velocity, Min. Pitch, Max. Pitch, Min and Max Velocity for?

And what does it mean that when I add an articultion “Staccato” to the Slot 1 in the “Art. 1” column, then the Output Mapping sets something like Status = Note-on, Data 1 = C3, Data 2 = 120 ???

AND - what does it mean that the MINIBANK has “all the articulations available” for the HSO sub-instruments? How do I use it? I guess with some controller, and some fancy stuff, but no no no…

I am C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E-L-Y OUT OF IT ALL. Feeling so stupid with this…

I hope you could at least send a link to some REALLY GOOD DOCUMENT LIKE IT WAS WRITTEN FOR A SIX-YEAR OLD KID.

Can you help?.. Please. I don’t know where to look for help anymore.



Can anyone of you nice people be so kind that you could help me with this? The manual was of no help since it merely just explains rather superficially all the things, without any good examples. If I could even have the effect like in Ozzy osbournes song “Waiting for Darkness” onto Violins, I would be more than happy!

Forgive me all the bad things that I might have said here. I promise I’ll never EVER hurt anybody’s feelings again :laughing:

Quite a long time ago, I did post a topic in the old forum, that you may find helpful…

Remeber that the expression maps are only a way to tell your sample player what samples to play. Think of it as key switching from the midi track. Therefore, in order to play staccato violins you need that kind of samples to be loaded in your vst.

You can try this by using Halion Sonic SE, which has some presets containing different articulations. Look for presets containing the letters VX in their names. After loading such a preset in HSSE go to the inspector of the corresponding midi track. In the Expression Map slot choose import key switches.

Now, create a midi event with some midi notes and open the event in the midi editor. Create a new controller lane and choose Dynamica/Articulations. Now you will see a lane for each articulation in this particulare expression map. Use the pencil tool to assign articulations to your midi notes.

THANK YOU!! I LOVE YOU :slight_smile:


Before you go too deep into it, please read this thread:

It’s in the bug base and will be fixed with next update.