MIDI implementation protocol for Houston

Hello everybody,
I am refering to this thread:

I would like to contact Travst, to get the document he have mentioned in the thread. But unfortunately I can’t send him private messages and I am not able to reply to the old post.
It would be super awesome for me to get the document. Maybe he have got also this, as he mentions it in his post?: “‘Houston.h’ System Exclusive specification document”

Does maybe also some of you could help me out? I started as a fun project to program a tool, which translates the Mackie Universal midi messages so, that the Steinberg Houston Controller can understand them and vice versa. At the moment I am trying to access the display of the Houston with SysEx. I would have to do reverse engeneering and try out different messages, to find out, how Houston reads the data. Without the specification it is hard. At least for me, as I lack knowledge and experience in this field.

So does anyone have some information about the Houston specification? Maybe also someone is able to contact Travst? :pray:

Of course, If I get usable Results with my program, I will make it available for everyone. But I can’t promise anything, as it is just a fun project in my freetime at the moment and my programming skills are not very good.

I successfully managed it at the moment to control Volume with the Motorfaders of my Houston. Also does Cubase control the Motorfaders, while Cubase runs in Mackie Universal Pro mode.

EDIT: Thank you very much, that I am able now to send private messages! :wave: