MIDI import advanced editor playing technique

Is it possible in the current version of Dorico Pro 4 for the user to be able to enter in a custom playing technique instead of choosing from the (very well populated) lists?
I would not need these to correspond to any MIDI based playback, but instead to use as a shorthand for orchestration.
Any help greatly appreciated- thanks!

See this page in the Dorico manual.

Edit: After a custom playing technique has been created with a unique name, you should find that it has been added to the list of playing techniques in the MIDI import advanced editor so you can choose it.

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mpatkinson321, if you’re already aware that your custom playing techniques are added to the list in the MIDI import advanced editor and want to know if you can select one of your techniques without choosing it from the list, then AFAIK the answer is no.

And I apologize if my replies are of little or no help to you.

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@johnkprice thank you very kindly for this, was exactly what I was looking for!