Midi Import Cubase 6

If I try to import a midi song into a new project i.e. just click on “File---->Import---->Midi File…” the file comes in fine and the tracks are correctly allocated to Instrument Tracks assigned HALion Sonic SE and play as they should. If I then try to save that file as a Cubase file, however, the system locks up.

As a workaround, I can create a new project with midi tracks, and then import the same midi file, and then save it as a Cubase file no problems.

I am running Cubase 6 32-bit under Windows 7 64-bit.

If this has been asked a million times before, sorry.

I just popped onto the site to see if this problem has come up for anyone. I had a rather big headache trying to figure out what the problem is today.

I’m working on a remix, and the guys I’m doing the remix for decided to send some new material. They both use Logic, and one of the files was a bounced out MIDI file for me to import into Cubase. The file imported fine, but my whole system locked up as soon as I tried to save anything.

Ok, so we figured there might be some problems between programs, even though just simple MIDI data shouldn’t cause issues like this. So, one of the guys tried importing to an older version of Cubase, and sending it to me. Same thing! Finally, after many attempts, we got it to work. He chose ‘delete controllers’ in the ‘functions’ menu, and sent an exported file to me. It saved with no issues. His old version of Cubase had no problems importing the original file, and saving it as a cubase project, so this looks like a Cubase 6 issue as far as we can tell. Somehow, there was extra data added, that cubase 6 doesn’t know how to handle? I can’t think of another explaination. Seems like this problem shouldn’t exist.

Glad it isn’t just me…

Hate reading stories like this - have you both raised support tickets (via MySteinberg)…? How about supplying *.cpr files and/or the failing MIDI files for them to have a look at…?

One sure thing that will always hurt Cubase acceptance/adoption, is file incompatibility between different apps - ok, it can’t always be perfect; there’s bound to be some niggles. But you’re saying this is happening between versions of the same app…! Its not good enough and they should jump all over this, quick. Its just too easy for folk on the back of incidents like this, to say ‘oh, why don’t you just drop Cubase - its ****t. Get Logic instead…’ etc, etc…

And, anytime it turns out that Its not a Steinberg problem, there should be clear README’s or a Sticky posted about known file sharing/incomaptibilities (including between different apps).