MIDI Import Dialogue: Percussion Instrument category / visual bugs

First of all, the new MIDI import dialogue is magnificent!
When trying it out, I noticed a few strange things:

a) Try as I might, I couldn’t change the Clash Cymbals / Timpani category to “unpitched percussion”/“pitched percussion” - Might this be an issue of duplicate instrument definitions not being read? (In Setup Mode, the appear in both categories)
b) When checking/unchecking a player checkmark in the right pane, this floating “Test” checkbox appears, that doesn’t seem to be connected to anything (but can be checked/unchecked via mouse)
c) the player/ensemble icons, as well as the checkboxes next to them, seem to be cut off, or the instrument name font too big (?)

Just minor issues, admittedly - back to diving into all the new features!

Minimal file:
orff_instruments.mid (272 Bytes)

Thanks for reporting these visual problems. What display magnification are you using on your computer? I guess you’re on Windows, yes?

Yes, this is on Windows 10 on a Microsoft Surface Book 2, which has a built-in 3240x2160 screen, set to 200% text scaling - however, the screenshot was taken from an external monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080, this dialogue looks the same ob both.

As an addendum, check boxes in the application’s top menu as well as context menu (examples below) appear correctly on the hi-DPI built-in screen, but seem too small on the external HD screen:


Thanks for looking into this!

This latter behaviour with the menus will definitely be a Qt bug. Unfortunately there are still some styling issues in Qt’s widgets at different scale factors on Windows. I’ll see if I can find this issue specifically in their bug tracker.