Midi import error

After importing a midi file I found notes missing, and have made the following example to demonstrate. The file doricomidiimport.mid is imported ok(1.png). When adding a note starting a bit later (doricomidiimport2.mid), the hanging first notes are not imported (2.png). The correct import should look like 3.png.
midiimport.zip (716 Bytes)

Screenshots were deleted from first posting.
screenshots.zip (38.8 KB)

Thanks for reporting this - it’s a bug that no one else has spotted up to now. I’ve just put in a fix for it which will be in the next update. If you have a MIDI file which you can’t import into Dorico because of this bug then I’ll be happy to import it for you.

Thanks, I’m mostly playing around and learning Dorico for now, so no problem waiting for the update.