Midi import error?


Whenever I try to import this piano midi region (exported as midi file) I get this abomination of a result, seemingly the first few notes are squeezed into the first 1/16th. This is the first time importing midi data for me, or anything really. I tried importing the score itself instead and that seemed to work better, but that would be more work to edit which isn’t optimal because I’m on a deadline and new to Dorico as well. I’ve imported images of both the start of the original region in logic as well as how it appears when imported into Dorico as a midi file. Also when importing with midi file I get separate rows for piano one, two and three despite only importing one midi file consisting of one region from one track. Why does this happen?


Welcome to the forum, Joesson. Could you please zip up the MIDI file itself that you’re trying to import and attach that here so we can take a look at it?