Midi Import & Expression Maps Problem

I use other programs to generate midi sequences that contain keyswitches to trigger different articulations.

The problem I’m having is that when importing the midi through Media Bay to a track containing a sampled instrument with an expression map, Cubase doesn’t pick up the keyswitch notes and instead imports the keyswitches as regular notes which I then have to erase and enter the keyswitch information manually.

Am I doing something wrong here or is there a workaround? Thanks for any help!

You’re doing nothing wrong… that’s just the way Cubase works (or doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue: ).
There is a workaround (as always, workarounds are cumbersome… might be quicker to correct manually, like you are already doing). anyways…
You will need a MIDI Loop application on PC (or use the IAC Bus, on Mac)…

  1. Import your MIDI File into Cubase, and route that MIDI track to the Loopback app (or IAC Bus).
  2. Record-enable a 2nd MIDI track, with the Loopback return as its input, and put the Expression Map on that track.
  3. Record the result.

Thanks for the reply, you’ve confirmed my suspicions!
Maybe I should make that a feature request, but probably many have no need for it…sigh.

I can merely confirm that, if no-one does make that feature request… it’s never gonna happen! :slight_smile:

Hi there! Is there in 2020 an easier workaround for this? I tried today to import MIDI from Dorico and had the same problem (long Midi-Notes instead of correct Expression Maps).