MIDI Import-Halion Sonic SE Multitimbral

If you specify Halion Sonic SE Multitimbral for the Import Destination, Cubase is supposed to load one instance of the VI, load each track into a slot designated by the channel, and load the GM instrument specified by the patch number. This hasn’t worked consistent correctly since the release of C6 (I’m on 6.2 now).

The results are unpredictable and seem to differ with each project, but here’s what happens with my latest attempt:

  1. I export a project consisting of MIDI tracks all routed to Sonic SE with GM instruments in each slot
  2. Export Inspector Patch is specified in the Export Options
  3. I import the MIDI file into a new project
  4. Sonic SE is specified as the Import Destination and Extract First Patch as an option
  5. Sonic SE loads and the tracks are assigned to it. However, nothing is showing in the Sonic SE slot dropdowns
  6. If I play the file, all of the instruments seem to be playing, but other functions such as solo do not work.