MIDI import issues

I am exploring the 30-day Dorico Pro 2.

I saved a track as a MIDI file in my Digital Performer 9, and then opened it in Dorico.

It loaded ok, but made some bad guesses - bracketing staves inappropriately and getting clefs wrong, eg treble for cello. See attachment

Which is the best mode for correcting these ?

Is there a way to switch off the Dorico guesswork ?

Yes, I did check they were correct in DP9 before loading them Dorico.

Also is there a way to STOP Halion loading, as I want to use my VSL sounds instead ?

I have tried looking at some of the videos, but they all seem to be about creating from scratch - even though there must be many like me who will be importing material already created elsewhere ?


I think the best approach to correcting these issues is probably to go into Setup mode and to change the instruments for the ones that Dorico got wrong.

The best way to help Dorico guess the instruments correctly is to name the tracks clearly and unambiguously using their full names, things like “flute” rather than “fl” and “violin” rather than “vln”.

You can’t stop HALion loading by default as yet: in the future we will allow you to create your own playback templates, but for the time being you have to set this up on a per-project basis. Don’t forget that you can use a project as a template: once you have things set up the way you like them, do File > Save As to make a copy, then delete the flows and players from that project, and then import your MIDI file into that project. Things like the VST instruments you have set up will be retained.

You may find that exporting MusicXML from DP9 gives better results than MIDI (but not necessarily!)