MIDI Import - Last notes missing

Hi All,

I’m having a few more issues when importing MIDI into Dorico.

It seems that without fail, when importing MIDI, the final note/chord of every MIDI track in the file is missing, except for a single track which does have the last note (but this seems to be random). I have checked for the obvious things such as muted MIDI notes/regions and everything is as I’d expect. I have also tried importing the MIDI files into Nuendo, Cubase and Sibelius and they open the MIDI files correctly.

Not really sure what’s going on here, I’d be very grateful to hear any thoughts on the matter!

There is of course a work-around which would be to add an additional note on the end of every single MIDI track so that they will be removed when importing instead, but it isn’t ideal!



Where are you exporting your MIDI from? If Cubase is the source, then I’d say that’s definitely a concern.

This isn’t a known issue. Can you attach here a sample MIDI file that shows the problem?

The MIDI file is exported from Nuendo rather than Cubase, but still a Steinberg product…!

Hi Paul, thanks for the response.

More than happy to send over a MIDI file, would it be possible to send it in a private message though as it is copyrighted material?

Yes, you can mail me at p dot walmsley _at _ steinberg dot de

Thanks, Paul. Have emailed you the files :slight_smile:

I’ve now found and fixed the bug for the next update. It happens if the last note is shorter than a crotchet, because of a rounding error in the logic that works out the track length. It rounds down rather than up, so that note gets lost.