MIDI import -- multi-channel track

I was looking to see if there was anything on the Forum about importing multi-channel tracks directly into Dorico. Apart from this one Is it possible to import a multi-channel midi to Dorico - Dorico - Steinberg Forums from 2018, there doesn’t seem to be much.

What I’ve found is that I have three options for two-voice separation, one for four-voice explode. That’s okay as far as it goes, but I was looking for an option to simply split a track into its constituent channels and assign instruments directly.

When I opted for 2-voice explode, the result was two voices, sure enough, but on the same staff.

I shall revert to using Cubase for this task in the meantime, but I’d be glad to cut that step out in future…

Things have improved dramatically since 2018 and the MIDI import in Dorico is second to none, according to professional orchestrators… Have you explored the Advanced settings in the MIDI import window? Check out the videos and the different resources :wink:

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Yes, certainly. And yes to the advanced settings too. Are there any videos & resources in particular that you’d recommend?

Anthony Hughes’ one

Dan Keen’s one


Thanks Marc

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