Midi import options related to Halion instrument rack

Thank you for the patience on my extensive question(s) I gonna fire up! :slightly_smiling_face:. as I try to understand it as well as to find out whether my reasoning is correct? Thank you in advance.

How can I choose to assign imported (midi files) instrument players whether to assign them to Halion 01 or the second rack Halion 02 in a session?
The Demo “Akinola” has within the two Halion rack players the same order of instrument as output as in the score. Very clear, I would also like to do this. How?

I use Dorico Elements 4. When importing midi tracks I “sometimes” get the choice:

  • add to existing instruments
  • create new player. I imported a new instrument so I chose the midi option create new player into a new flow. Everything okay.


It goes without saying that I chose the create new player option because it concerns a new player/instrument. Dorico loads because it concerns a new instrument in a second automatic created Halion Rack named 02, of course also in a new flow, as specified.

You work on your piece of music, experiment with different players, remove players, change instruments on an existing player, etc. At some point you want the Halion player to reflect the session order. You could copy, move, cut the programs to accomplish this in Halion.

1 After creating your piece of music - many Slots in Halion 01 with their respective outputs which can then be assigned to new halion programs corresponding to the same output channel those have now become free with no program.

2 I disable halion 02. I load into Halion 01 - the same instrument. Changes the instrument to the correct output in Halion that matches the instrument track. No sound? Why?

3 I create a new player for the same instrument (I do not duplicate) Copy the part to the new player channel that corresponds to the correct output from/in Halion 01 no sound.

4 Any newly imported midi instrument "self-existing instruments that appear in the session are automatically loaded into Halion 02 while Halion 01 rack now has free slots that can be filled. Why not? I switch halion 02 back on.

5 Do I have to transfer all flows from my existing session to a new session for a clean session? Cumbersome no?

6 I use the application: load Sounds For unassigned instrument often, doesn’t really help. Correct reasoning? no result.

7 I Quit Dorico, Restart Dorico with the existing session no result.

8 The Halion player makes it possible to copy, cut and paste its programs into existing or free slots. Could this have something to do with it?

9 The Demo “Akinola” has within their two Halion players the same order of instruments as output matching as on the score. Very clear this is what I would like to do. How?

Re-use existing players on, interpret als GM on, Use Gm program change’s to indetify instruments on. Overwrite all tracks contents when importing into existing flow/ play OFF (Is this the reason?)

Thanks in advance for the time, advice and help to make better use of Dorico. The school year will soon start again here in Belgium.


On a copy of your file, have you tried re-applying the Playback Template from the Play menu. If all your instrument changes have been made in HALion through Setup Mode, that should help improve things.

Thanks Derek. A great help as a learning experience. Don’t I feel foolish :slight_smile: With your reference I have seen the youtube video about the playback template. Thank you for your time. Greetings from Belgium.

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