Midi Import Problem from other Apps

Hi, sorry for my english.

My problem is:
i use Genome as Sequencer (its better for Drumpatterns). After export (MidiFile) from Genome and “Open In” from Genome to Cubasis, is see the Midi File in the Mediabay.
I make a new Project and than Drag and Drop the Genome Midifile from the Mediabay to my new Project.
After closed the Cubasis and reopen Cubasis the Project with this Midifile Crashed !
I read from Cubasis “My Project could not be loaded, probably becouse it is damaged”
It´s the same problem with Midifiles from DrumStudio.
In Version 1.4 i do not have this problem.

You know this problem ?
Can you help me ?

Thanks for your answer !!


we are aware that there is a bug in this area. Could you send me the MIDI-File that is causing the trouble so that we can make sure that we have properly addressed the issue?

Kind regards,

Thank you for your answer.
Here are the two different Midifiles.

4-4 Takt from DrumStudio
INDO Takt from Genome

Thanks !!
INDO Takt from Genome.midi (175 Bytes)
4-4 Takt from DrumStudio.midi (185 Bytes)