Midi import related problem importing choke notes. poor title but i cannot say better

Becouse i cannot import notes what have mapping in technique Choke with to notes what hard word choke or stacatto notes for example (these two ways notate i heared,only note head change using drum kit mapping is possible not these two ways or similar ways or at least i dont know how). how i import midi file drums. of course i can use add choke symbols later looking source project but saddly direct import to correct notation is seems be impossible. how you think is easiest do this kind import. note heads problem becouse ride cymbal and ride cymball bell both use own note head in sameposition (for example) and both can be have choke. i feel needs be something what is added note but it seems be impossible or how is possible? something what hihat open/hihat close have. or any ideas how solve this?

If you have the “choke” technique defined in the percussion map that you’re using for your percussion kit, and if the “choke” technique is defined in the appropriate instrument present in the drum kit present in your project, then it should be possible to import it via MIDI.

Yes but if i want it add for example stacatto dot such notes or text choke this is what want archive or something like (something else than notehead) ?

Bell (ride one) worked this way but i chaned note head what is indeed possible this other is not my skills at least.

Provided you have defined a suitable percussion instrument with the appropriate playing techniques, and a matching percussion map, then if you have a percussion kit containing that instrument present in the project and can choose the right percussion map in the MIDI Import Options dialog, I think this should work. But the key is to ensure that the same playback technique is referenced in both the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog for the percussion instrument, and in the percussion map.

I dont know how comfigure this window way Choke marked notes get for example + top of note.
But i know how change note head using this and import map and allready tested for Ride bell and worked very well. but when i want technique notated other way than changing note head my skills ends maybe also Dorico possiblities honesty try look all possiblities and try look youtube even now. and this kind what i try do is standard way.

For hi-hat, at least, Dorico expects you to use the playback technique “closed” rather than “choke” for the + sign, and indeed you shouldn’t need to do anything special for this: it will automatically handle open and closed hi-hat when importing MIDI.

Hihst is own story but we now talk cymbals but i i talked hihat meaned used also for closed hihat. Cymbals use same symbol for choke. I found one composer/engraver etc way notate choke i cannot add such symbol automatic choked notes. Or any other thing than changing noteheads if you know how do percussion map such way (what does else than note head change) please tell. And same note position cannot have multiple + symbols.

And closed is indeed correct term for hihat.