Midi import weirdness

I’ve encountered a strange bug when importing multiple midi tracks onto a single staff. In the screenshot below, I had two separate midi tracks for each staff. See the weird triplet separation on the long notes in viola and cello, the extra triplet subdivisions in the 2nd measure of the Violin II staff, and also the different quantization of the violins in the last measure:

Compared to this screenshot where I imported each track onto a separate staff:

Could you attach the MIDI file that produces this result, Sean?

I think what’s happening is that Dorico is creating a bunch of tuplets to accommodate the music from one of the tracks, but then not being clever enough to eliminate them again if it turns out that the music could be notated more simply without them.

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Midi file is attached, thanks for looking into it!

Dorico Import Test.mid.zip (1.4 KB)

Thanks, Sean. I have asked Paul (who is the expert on all of Dorico’s MIDI transcription features) to let me know what he thinks about this when he gets a chance.