Midi Import

Just did a fresh install of 10.13.6, and updated to Cubase 10.5.1 Pro, from 10 and I cannot import midi files or open the demo projects with Cubase. It just hangs forever. Never had this issue with previous versions on my system. Tried safe mode and disabled 3rd party VSTs and preferences, but still just hanging up.

Hi and welcome,

Just for the record, Cubase 10.5 is not officially compatible with macOS 10.13.

Do you still have Cubase 10 installed? Can you open/import in Cubase 10? (So is it on macOS side or Cubase?)

  1. For the Record, Im running 10.13.6 here with 10.5.10. No issues. MIDI files import here. I would trash the prefs for Cubase. You may want to run the full installer for 10.5.10 again as well. Not just the update if you will. Thats what I did.

  2. Uninstall and re-install the latest e licensor as well as they updated that with this update.

I too am on a fresh install of 10.13.6. So I don’t think its a Cubase thing.

  1. I just loaded up the Cubase 9.5 Demo as well, plays fine even on the Mac sound card

***Put your specs in your signature so we know which Mac you are using there if ya would

Ugh! I did not have 10 still installed. Tried trashing the prefs and no luck. I think I’m just gonna uninstall and go back to 10. Bit of chore but until all my plugs and devices are compatible with Mojave or Catalina I may just stay with 10 and High sierra for a bit. I know things work well.

Thanks for the reply and help all!