MIDI imports / problem with instruments and groups

Importing a MIDI file (each instrument track was assigned a separate instance of an ARIA player, each on channel 1) from Cubase creates very strange groups including brackets.

  1. How can I get rid of these groups? Or just the brackets?
  2. Many of the instruments are also not recognized correctly (and those for some reason, all show up as French horns) and many of the tracks end up with incorrect clefs. How can they be imported correctly? Can they?

I also tested the same import from Cubase with all instruments assigned to separate channels, same result, though.
Imported the same file into Finale as a test. There no groups are created, the tracks show the correct clefs and all instrument names are correctly imported.

The recognition of instruments in MIDI import is currently very rudimentary in Dorico, so you will probably find that your best bet is to use the new Change Instrument feature in Setup mode to override Dorico’s (normally wrong) guess.

I see, OK. But still, once there are (incorrectly) established groups, how can I cancel or delete groups in general (without also deleting the instrument)? Haven’t succeeded in doing this (or is this related to the MIDI import problem?)

Are they really in groups in the Players panel, or is it just the bracketing that you’re worried about? Changing the instruments for more appropriate ones should fix the bracketing in itself. If you do really have groups of players in Setup mode, you can select the group and click the delete button at the bottom of the panel, then when Dorico asks you whether you want to delete the players as well as the group itself, tell Dorico that you want to keep the players.

It turns out they weren’t really groups, just brackets. Although changing the instruments didn’t fix the brackets (probably because I changed them to the same type of instrument, therefore remaining in that automatically bracketed instrument group) I finally figured out that in Engraving Options the bracketing conventions can be established (such as to no brackets, etc.)