"Midi IN 1"-mapping is not working, but direct hardware-mappings are working

Dear VST-Live-Team,

I am using VST-Live with different hardware-setups at different locations (home studio, main stage, 2nd stage, location for preparation sessions with the band). Therefor I learned that I can use "virtual midi inputs (e.g. “Midi IN 1”) which I can map to the relevant hardware when I am starting VST live (see screenshot below):

Screenshot 1

Such a feature is very helpful because I can select for each song / layer always the same “virtual Midi Input”.
Screenshot 2

Because of this feature I do not need to for each hardware setup / location all input configurations at each song / layer.

However, in my current setup the virtual midi in" is not working in my current VST LIVE application. I cannot recognize that I did any changes from last time when it was working. I did only 2 software updates.

Cross-Check: If I am directly mapping directly the dedicated hardware-midi-input (“Impact LX88+”, same as in Screenshot 1 which I selected) then it works and the incomming signals are processed (positive test result).

Screenshot 3

Restart of the Windows-Notebook has not helpful to solve this issue.
Do you have a tipp to me if I maybe did something wrong or if there might be an impact from a release? I have the same problem when I create a new project.

Thanks in advance for your feedback or any ideas.

Kind regards


It should work like this:

a) Studio, new project, connections MIDI IN 1 set to “hardware 1” midi in, save.

b) Rehearsal room, different hardware, load project: "MIDI IN 1 not connected, as “hardware 1” is unknown. Set MIDI IN 1 to “hardware 2” midi in, save.

c) load project in Studio: it should connect MIDI IN 1 to “hardware 1” because it has remembered it, as well as hardware 2.

It will remember up to 32 associations between visual name (“MIDI IN 1”), and hardware ports.
If you cahnge the input name from “MIDI IN 1” to “Something”, that association is broken, so you get a warning. Also if you create a new project, that information is lost, it is beeing saved with the project.
If this makes sense but still doesn’t work for you, pls let us know and possibly send a .vlprj file (no other files needed) then we can tell which hardware ports are known to the project.