Midi in (5 pin) transposed down one octave

Hi all, not new to cubase but first time forum user so please forgive any etiquette issues.

I’ve been trying for some time to setup a new drum map for my 2box kit but can’t get it to work right.
Digging somewhat deeper i found that the incoming note from the drum kit gets transposed in cubase.
I have monitored the sent notes into my windows PC with the MIDI-OX tool. as they pass through my Roland Octa Capture soundcard. In windows a sent C2 note for instance is seen in the midi monitor as a C2 as well. :exclamation:

When this note is received by cubase (like a vst plug-in e.g.Halion (so no drum maps used) Halion sees a C1 ???
The only difference from my midi keyboards that i can think of is that they are usb.
The 5 pin midi of the drumkit terminates at the soundcard wich then however also communicates via USB.

Am i overlooking something?
By the way, any ready made 2Box drum maps would also be helpful. :blush:

Much obliged

It’s just a difference in how 2box and Steinberg decide where middle C is as far as I know. Either transpose via the drum map or the key editor. I should imagine you can also do it in the 2box module.
Good choice, BTW with the 2box.

(It won’t be anything do do with USB vs MIDI interface :wink: )
Steinberg always refer to “middle C” as C3 (some other manufacturers refer to it as C4). Whatever it is called, middle C is always MIDI note #60.
So, when you record into a MIDI track (even without routing that track to an instrument), what does the Key Editor (or List Editor) show you?
A little thing that might help troubleshoot is in Preferences>Event Display>Chords (don’t ask me why they put this there! :wink: )>Pitch Notation>Naming Format. Set this to “MIDI + MIDI Note Number” (so it will be seen as, for example “C3/60”)
This should at least allow you to see where any transposition is occurring.

Thanks for the replies guys, guess it was my wrong assumption that midi was a “standard”. Digging a bit deeper i found that GA se4 will let you learn midi notes on the pads itself which proved a quick solution to my issue. Changing an existing drum map just didn’t cut it for me. :smiley:
Regards from the Netherlands.