MIDI IN CHANNEL How to select ???


How on earth do you select a Midi IN channel inside cubase 7 (one of the 16 channels) I can only select the output channels not the input.

So at the moment it listens to all 16 channels. I tried the manual but that only shows how to select the output channels???

With the input transformer. It should even have presets for that.

If you have the full version of Cubase (as opposed to Cubase Artist etc.), you can filter the incoming MIDI channels, via the MIDI track’s Input Transformer.

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Oke thanks. Why does it always have to be so difficult with cubase??? In live you just select the in or out channels from the strip…

I do agree to some extent here, difficult! IMO that’s because midi has been largely ignored since audio came along, and even the explosion of VSTi’s hasn’t really resulted in the midi features being upgraded or developed much. So I’d like to see Steinberg putting some thought and time in the midi direction.

Another tool you might use, depending on how you’re working, is to explode the midi part. For example, when I record from my live setup I get loads of channels because I’m usually playing many timbre layers. I explode the midi part and they all appear on different tracks then and I can sort them out easily.


If you select the midi tracks > look complete to the left under the inspector window. Click to open it > look under the volume and panning, and track delay , and track preset column > you can select the midi in channel (input routing) and just under it the (output routing)

I’ts the column above " track versions"

I dont have a problem with selecting the “IN” channel. I Had a problem with selecting a specific channel (1 through 16) on that midi in channel.

However due to the filtering technique I got it working. Its more tedious but thats cubase’s middle name :slight_smile:

ok ! sorry I misunderstood

Cubase is very advanced in some areas (especially VST3, VST expression/expression maps etc.), but in some others it’s quite primitive or unintuitive. Yeah, there are lots of things that will have you scratch your head if you’ve used other DAW’s. It makes absolutely no sense that you’d have to use the MIDI filter just to select a specific MIDI in channel. But then again, it also makes no sense that Cubase has a very primitive window management, especially if you use more than one monitor. Have you tried taking an editing page (piano roll, scoring etc.) and moving it to your second or third screen? Nope, can’t do that, Cubase is stuck in 1995! But, of course, it’s pretty standard fare for competing DAW’s like Studio One or Sonar. Or the equally primitive way Cubase handles frozen tracks. In other DAW’s, frozen tracks are editable audio tracks and yeah, they can stretch. In Cubase, frozen literally means frozen: you can’t do anything once a track is frozen. If you change your tempo, the frozen track will still play at the original one. That’s totally unacceptable for 2014…