MIDI in not recognized

I am a former Cakewalk user looking to go to Cubase Pro.

Experimenting for the first time, I got Cubase Elements to recognize and record MIDI from my Kurzweil K2500X (through Focusrite USB MIDI interface), as well as replay into the same instrument. :slight_smile:
Suddenly, the next day, with no hardware changes, trying to record MIDI is not working. :confused:
Here are what I understand to be the relevant specs:
The MIDI In Activity indicator IS lighting up when I press keys on the keyboard.
I see Kurzweil K2500X on the MIDI Device Manager.
MIDI Port Setup shows both β€œIn” and β€œOut” ports of Focusrite USB MIDI visible and active.
Inspector on MIDI track showing Focusrite MIDI selected as input and Kurzweil K2500X (Focusrite MIDI Out) selected as output.

What am I missing?

Help most appreciated.