MIDI in out problem.

MIDI in and outs reconfigure themselves when a connection is lost. For example if I unplug my mpk mini which was routed into cubasis them midi through into modrum, Cubasis picks another available input to replace removed one in this case Arturia iSEM becomes midi input… Like wise if I close modrum or it becomes unresponsive, the drumbeat I made is now making notes in Arturia. When a connection is lost should instead change to none, or even better, keep that output/input but with some indication it is currently unavailable.

Also… I know this is not your end, but interapp audio needs help. I’m often losing connection, and the only way to regain connection is to close all apps and start over… PITA. Choosing no instrument then reselecting the IAA app does nothing. There should be some way to restore broken connections in cubasis. Know If Apple is working on improving IAA or just gonna leave it gimped?

Please respond. This issue is maddening. If an app isn’t available it just selects whatever random midi app it pleases. Make the madness stop!

What’s that? Oh 2 of my tracks decided to randomly route their MIDI into animoog? Oh, no big deal.