MIDI in range not playing at the start of a clip

I have a MIDI clip and it is not playing at the start either only one is playing or none. The clip is in range this should not be happening, can this be fixed?
I wish Cubase placed a lable “Software for recording audio and mixing only”
Working with MIDI is totaly annoying in Cubase!


I cannot reproduce it here. Could you attach the project with this affected MIDI Part only, please?

Cubase is acknowledged as the best DAW for MIDI on the market by many, many users. I don’t think they are wrong.

As I can see, you have lots of troubles, maybe something is wrong with your system. Some details about your system might help.

The machine is not new thats true
Here is info about my specs:

Here is the project with the affected part only. @Martin.Jirsak

midi issue.zip (1.1 MB)


You are sending MIDI Note E0, which triggers the Kick Pattern. As the note is very short ( PPQ) the phrase is not audible.

But why it is audiable when you move it away on the grid? Also, the instrument map does not show that, it only says it is a “kick” as any other smaple not a pattern.


I can’t hear the E0 note, if I shift it.

That’s strange you can see in the video I posted that it triggers the notes and when I shift it it doesn’t.


The video is different from the file, you sent me. At least the 1st note is longer (, the notes are much closer to each other.

You have requested the project file with affected area with only affected MIDI clip which I did. there are two cpr files midi issue.cpr and midi issue cpr-1, the original as it was set but only the area. Which one did you launch? It is the same project.


I opened the midi issue.cpr.

ok, in the video the length is Change the note length to and quantise 1/16 and you will have this behaviour happen.