MIDI in Windows 8.1

Does anyone know of a midi interface that has a driver that works with Windows 8.1? I’m currently using three outboard rack synthesizers with Cubase 8 Pro in Windows 7. I’d would like to switch to a Windows 8.1computer, but can’t find an interface that will work with that operating system.

Hi Jag!
I use both of these simultaneously to great effect:

http://amzn.com/B00967UN50 (Roland UM1)
http://amzn.com/B000JLU26W (Creative EMU)



ESU M8U XL has 8 in/out pairs and has 64 bit driver for 8.1

I’m currently running four synths, a multi fx unit and a Focusrite iTrack Dock for the iPad simultaneously and it works a treat.

+1 for the ESI M8U XL, even though it seems to be sort of discountinued, I’ve only found a shop selling one two months ago after a lot of unlucky attempts.


Thanks everybody for your prompt and knowledgeable responses

Midisport 8x8 works…I can also send plus 1 to the esi unit…I have one of those as well.