Midi information access in audio tracks

It could be great if audio tracks contains midi options (routing, midi inserts, ect…)
Where it becomes more easier to apply modulations to the track itself (volume, filters, inserts, sends ect…) without the need of adding a midi track and assign it to certain parameters.
There’s a cool midi modulation plugin out there but the problem is they are useless with CB system.
Hope you take my request seriously

Midi and audio are two completely different things. Midi is just messages and audio is actual audio waveform. I don’t see how the two are compatible at all for what you ask.

@mkok sure it’s possible it’s just a software coding
How can i assign a automatic modulation to certain CCs?
Adding a midi track and assign it isn’t very flexible, lack of creativity and very slow workflow
All of those things limits my potential

@mkok i love cubase and I’m an old user it’s great software for sure but music production keeps evolving
If steinberg wants to be the king of music industry standard they have to follow those changes in music industry and being futuristic as they was in the last decades

as @mkok already stated, this is not possible. Audio tracks have no MIDI information.

Changes? Or detours? I believe we’re well catered for regarding the nth envelope shaper, with gazillions LFOs and modulation matrixes… Not all music is electronic music, be it dance/trance/drill whatever is the week’s next big thing. Cubase is due some evolving, sure, but there are more pertinent areas to cover, that deal with real workflow issues, or ironing out some old bugs.
In all honesty, you could actually create a macro and simulate some MIDI effects on audio. It would take some work and time once. Having it as a part of the program would consume a whole lot of developer’s time, I imagine, to achieve not such a relevant outcome.

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@jmtapadas we re in the age of creating new complex sounds
Music is the same, same theories same rhythms same timbers

@st10ss did you tried another DAW?
Like ableton and bitwig

In that case , why would you want every DAW to able to do the same thing ? What’s the point of that ?
Cubase is Cubase and Bitwigs is Bitwigs ,both great tools in their own rights , there’s a reason Cubase has survived nearly 40 years and that’s because users like Cubase the way it is . There can be improvements but complete workflow changes which means no more backward compatibility ?
Not a good idea

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I tried nearly all DAW out there, just for the fun of trying new things.

@st10ss in those two DAWs i can assign every thing in easy way so fast like snapping fingers
This is what i meant

Yeah, but you didn’t say what you mean.