MIDI initialization delay question

I am hoping find out what is happening in the startup of Cubase 7.0.5. Once the little Cubase rectangle appears in the screen, a bunch of file initializations fly by so quickly, most of them can’t be read. When mine gets to “Initializing MIDI” it hangs for 15 seconds every time, all the time.

I would like to find out why or what is it doing ? Is there a file some where it needs and is re-directing towards? My win7 OS is installed on a single SSD drive, my C7 has its own separate SSD drive and my driver for the M-audio 8x8/s Midisport is in its own folder on drive c:. Sound libraries and projects are on other separate WD Caviar Black hard drives.

Once the 15 seconds pass, it moves along and starts normally and works fine. I would like to know why this hang up is happening. It had never done this before with any Cubase install or update. While my hardware might have gotten a bit better, I am looking to know what is going on. Thanks for the help


There was a post about this a while back. It offered a “fix” that went into the Windows Registry and deleted a bunch of stuff. I’ll see if I can find it.
Here It is… My wait is only a couple of seconds so I did not feel the need to attempt this procedure.

Wow…jaslan, thanks. There is a bunch there. I’ll give it a go tonight and post the results

Once again…thank you

So, here is my conclusion… There are so many references to HD Audio there, that I will guarantee I can screw it up. And , as mentioned in the posts you have kindly referred me to, this is not for the faint of heart.

IT WILL REMAIN that until there is a “fix” through Cubase to check once and default differently, I will wait the extra 15 seconds… I just will try to keep a tally on how many sets of 15 seconds are wasted each time I start Cubase from a MIDI initialization :wink:

Now that I actually have the answer as to WHY…I guess I can live with it knowing it isn’t my doing

I just had to update this issue again :laughing: … I did a complete fresh install of Cubase two weeks ago on a new hard drive and motherboard. In my original post, I was questioning why there was a 15 second delay at the MIDI initialization. With my new install I am now at 86 seconds. I would love… Love to have a 15 second delay again.

Anyway I found this post again by searching and will try to implement these procedures to see if I can get this corrected… Again.

Makes you appreciate the little things, all over again

UPDATE: It has been only a few minutes Since I posted this problem. I found and deleted about 100 HD AUDIO things blindly in my registry. MIDI Initailization…3 seconds

So far no other issues