MIDI Initialization


Wondering if anyone is having a lag during Cubase start-up, specifically MIDI initialization? CB8 has been a good for me so far, just a few issues early on but they were resolved. I’ve read a lot of posts saying that start-up is much faster, but its overall about the same as CB 7, CB7.5 for me. What I do see is all the other initializations going through very quickly, but when it hits MIDI there is about a 40 second wait. Did not see this in older versions so initially I thought I did something wrong with preferences or customizations, but even after a full un-install/re-install of CB8 (twice) it still occurs. Also did the same with my MIDI controller drivers too, and noticed no matter what I had connected it still took about the same time. Everything is connected by USB and in USBv2 ports. I removed all of them and brought them back one at a time. Even tried using different USB Ports for each connection… still get a lag in MIDI init when starting Cubase.

It’s something I can live with, but would like to fix if this is not normal behavior. Thought I would ask here first before opening a support case. Below are my setup specs:

CB 8 Pro (.10 update applied)
Windows 7 Pro
i7 6 core processor
32 Gig ram
three disk drives (1 SSD for OS and Programs, 1 SSD for samples, 1 HDD for projects)
UAD Apollo ( rack version ) over firewire audio interface

MIDI controllers: Nektar P6, Arturia Beatstep, and I occasionally connect NI Maschine (but not too often)
Other MIDI: 2 Analog Synths connected using USB MIDI (Waldorf Pulse2, DSI Pro2)

Thanks in advance