midi input device advances cursor, but doesn't place notes

Has anyone else experienced this (described below)? This is a new behavior for me since upgrading to D3. This occurs once or twice during the course of a typical workday. Restarting Dorico corrects the issue.

I have a Nectar Impact LX49 on my desk which I use to input note pitches – my computer numeric keys provide the duration values. I’ve never had a problem with this entry method for a year in Dorico. Since D3 however, I’ve found occasionally (once or twice a day), in the middle of working, my midi-device is suddenly unable to enter notes. Now I know what you’re thinking, but here’s the catch: playing a key on my midi keyboard still ADVANCES THE CURSOR in write mode, but no notes are placed on the staff. Additionally, I CAN STILL HEAR THE NOTES PLAYED AUDIBLY AS I PLAY MY MIDI-KEYBOARD. So clearly it is still interacting with Dorico, but it has lost the ability to place notes, rather it ‘ghosts’ the cursor forward as it if was placing them.

When this situation arises, I’ve found that I am still able to input note pitches from my computer keyboard (A,B,C,D etc.) No action I’ve tried within Dorico can get my keyboard functionality back. Un-connecting and re-connecting the usb cable on my midi-keyboard has no effect either. Quitting Dorico and re-opening corrects the behavior.

Since upgrading to D3, I’ve primarily been working on the same large project (40 flows). However, this issue has happened at least two times in other smaller projects, so I know it to be system-wide for me. I’m using NotePerformer exclusively. Was hoping this little quirk would get squashed in the first maintenance update but it’s still here. Perhaps I’m literally the only user experiencing this because no similar posts exist on this forum (to my knowledge).

Is there a possibility you’ve hit “,” (the comma) on your computer keyboard, turning on Rest Input?

We are aware of a problem where the MIDI keyboard stops inputting, but for those users the caret doesn’t keep advancing: the note is echoed, but the caret stays still and no further notes are input. It does sound as if somehow rest input is becoming activated.

If it seems to happen just after you’ve inputted a dotted note, just before you intended to input a dotted note, that would be an obvious explanation.

For what it’s worth it’s one of very few situations where I curse Dorico out loud.

Yes this is a possibility. I will check the next time this happens. (Thanks for reminding me of the ‘rest’ key. I never use it.)

I suspect when describing the carat advance above, I was merely duped by the comma key (as Pianoleo suggested). I’m certain other times when this has happed, I noticed the midi input ‘green’ light in the corner of the Dorico window had gone dark (unresponsive), despite me still being able to hear my keyboard through Dorico.

In that case, I suspect you are falling victim to the problem that is affecting some other users. The good news is that we believe we have a fix for that problem, so it shouldn’t affect you once the next update is available.

Yes, I experienced this again moments ago and I can confirm that this time there is no ‘comma’ key involved. (I was incorrect in saying the cursor advances when pressing a midi-key.) The cursor appears completely un-responsive to midi-input, yet I can still hear audio when pressing midi-keys - additionally, the midi-through indicator 'green light" is unresponsive and dark.

So glad to hear the team has a handle on this one! I eagerly await this becoming a non-occurance in the future. Thank you, Daniel.