MIDI input don't work

Some days like today the MIDI entries don’t work. They are seen present and activated at the track input, directly or with all input setting but no signal present at the input with monitor or record activated, even after restarting Cubase or Windows.
The midi_test.exe program outside of Cubase sees midi signals.
Has anyone had this problem before and know a solution.

Never had this problem before, acually. So, more precisions needed :

  • How are you receiving the MIDI messages (MIDI DIN cables, USB…)
  • Do you have a specific MIDI interface and, if not, what is the audio /MIDI interface used ?
  • Have you checked both the routing of the track(s) involved and its/their MIDI output channel ?
  • For the same MIDI/instrument tracks, have you tried to set the Steinberg MIDI monitor plug-in as a MIDI insert to see what are the incoming MIDI messages ?
  • Is the issue project dependent, and if so, could you post a screenshot of the arrange page project, showing one of the tracks involved with its inspector visible ?
  • Last inquiry : could you also post a screenshot of the MIDI > MIDI port setup pane of your Studio > Studio Setup window ?

I found the problem, the midi thru option was disabled and in this case the instrument tracks cannot play, I don’t know how it happened