MIDI Input from Komplete A49 keeps getting dropped in Dorico 5

Any clue why my MIDI input (Komplete A49) keeps getting kicked off of both Dorico ? I tried unplugging the keyboard as suggested in the forum, and that worked once. But if the comp goes to sleep or there is a long pause before I input something, it disappears. I restarted my computer just now, and the keyboard came back, but that seems a pretty dumb solution to an obvious problem. Any suggestions. (Windows 10).

When windows sleeps it’s usb subsystem, yah usb connections can get lost. I set my windows power preferences to never sleep usb while power is plugged in.

Hi @David_MacKenzie , can you please choose from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (731.0 KB)
Aloha Ulf,
Here you go.

Hi @David_MacKenzie , thanks very much for the data. Unfortunately I could not find anything particular in the log files.
Also, from what you describe , it seems to me that your keyboard has an electrical issue, maybe something is loose or almost loose on the connector.
Have you also tried on a different USB port?

Did you deactivate USB-Disconnection in Power Plan | Advanced Settings?


Well, as it turns out the problem was a defective MIDI cable, after all. The new cord that was shipped with the unit was kaput.
Vielen danke, muchisimas gracias, mahalo nui loa, thanks a lot!

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Ugh, how frustrating! So glad you got it sorted out.

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I admit reading Behringer and professional in the same sentence has made my brains uncomfortable… Maybe I am getting old after all :rofl:

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Me too. :slight_smile: Yet there are cases I’m willing to give something a chance for the price. I have a tiny Behringer mixer that I use as a headphone amp on one side of the room. Easy to Velcro to a mic stand or whatever. Inconveniently, it has outlasted the significantly more expensive headphone mixer that I originally bought.

It was already deactivated by the gentleman that constructed the computer, thanks.