MIDI input in Transposed mode

I may be missing something, but is it possible to have instruments play sounding notes when inputting via midi keyboard in transposed mode?

Right now while in transposed mode if I play a note in a transposing instrument, it will write down the same note, assuming I have already input concert (written) pitch and will play the same note.
I cannot find a way to make Dorico treat midi input as sounding note, while inputting transposed notes.

Nikola Kołodziejczyk

Here !
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I was sensing I am missing something obvious! Thank You!

It does not appear you can do this with the new real-time MIDI input feature. If I try to enter notes into a transposing instrument in Transposed view using written pitch, the notes that appear in the score are as though the keyboard was at concert pitch, although the “audition” notes I hear before and during recording are the transposed pitches.

For example, to clarify: I wish to input a concert G into an A clarinet part (which for them is B flat). I have the score in transposed pitch and Input Pitch set to Written Pitch. While recording I play the B flat on the keyboard, I hear a concert G, but a written D flat (concert B flat) appears in the part. If I set to sounding pitch the audition note and written note are consistent, but then of course I have to play in at concert pitch to get the right notes.

Am I missing something else obvious, or is this a bug, or a limitation of the feature at present? I am copying from a source which is already transposed so it would not make sense to transpose out on the fly in order to have it record at the right pitch (as a horn player I could do this on my own instrument but my keyboard skills are not up to it!).

It also appears as though doubling instruments are treated as grand staff by this feature - I had the odd experience of playing notes into a clarinet in A part and anything above middle C appeared (in a different key again) in the B flat clarinet stave just above (in Galley view, haven’t tried it in layout view). (Though this is avoidable by using the caret of course).

It is indeed a limitation of the feature at present, though it’s one we’ll try to take care of soon.

We’ll look forward to that! :wink:

Dear team, this limitation of midi recording should be really, really soon addressed! Thanks!

I crashed there too, while writing for F-Horn but hey, somebody is taking care off! Thanks Daniel

This issue will be addressed in the next update.

Just in case… I’ll stick my own oar in… will there be a mode where the keyboard plays and sounds concert pitch and the transposed note is entered?
In the example above, I’d like to play a G, hear a G and see a Bb - nothing worse for me than a transposed keyboard.

Conversely, if I’m re-engraving something and copying from a transposed score or part, I want to play a Bb, see a Bb and hear a G.

Trying to enter music when the “key” of what you hear changes for every change of transposing instrument is impossible to use as audio feedback IMO.

Trying to enter music when the “key” of what you hear changes for every change of transposing instrument is impossible to use as audio feedback IMO.

I agree that’s the one permutation that makes no sense.

Unless I’m very much mistaken, you’ll always hear the pitch you play. What changes is how that pitch is notated on the page.

The next update, you say…? Or version? :wink:

Apparently “update”. And it’s gonna be neatly fixed by the team. They are doing a great job!

As to a classical guitar, in any settings, inputting C4 become C5 i notation. Why?

Because classical guitars generally sound an octave lower than written. Daniel addressed this just a few posts ago (though much of the rest of the content in this thread is now out of date).

Inputting C4 shoud be notated as C4 and sounds C3 (as ‘other notation software’).

Any update on this? I imagine it should be a pretty simple midi insert to transpose input +/- however many semitones. I need this so my pad controller can reach all the drums on the lower octaves of my elektron device. Let me know. Thanks!

You may be able to achieve what you want by setting custom mapping for your drum kit.