MIDI input Incorrect Sound for Stave

How do you setup your MIDI keyboard and Dorico so that when you enter a note on, for instance, the Flute stave by pressing a key on the MIDI keyboard, you hear the flute sound you’ve assigned for playback? The notes are successfully entered, but all I ever hear is piano, not the sound assigned to the stave. When I playback the score all of the sounds are correct for the staves; I just can’t get input to work to sound the instrument assigned to the staves. What am I doing wrong?

However, when I input notes via my logitech computer keyboard, I hear the correct sounds: flute for flute stave, horn for horn stave etc… So, obviously, something is wrong with my MIDI setup.

Ok, so here I am about an hour later and just discovered that if I check ‘Enable MIDI Thru’ under ‘Recording’ on the ‘Play’ tab in ‘Preferences’, I now hear the instrument sound assigned to the stave when inputting music via my MIDI keyboard. Could someone explain to me why this is necessary? What does ‘MIDI Thru’ do to make the sound get sent to output after playing on my MIDI keyboard?

If you have MIDI thru disabled, Dorico itself won’t play any sounds in response to you playing on your keyboard; it will instead rely only on the sounds come out of the keyboard. I assume your keyboard is a workstation or synth of some kind rather than just a master or controller keyboard.

No, it is a Native Instruments S88 Mk2.

You have the flute staff selected, and the first note is glowing orange or whatever? Sorry if I’m stating the obvious, but the keyboard midi will be routed to the selected stave(s). It sounds like you have the sound mapping otherwise the way that you want it.