Midi Input is cutting off lots of notes with my EWI USB


Have updated to Cubasis 1.8 and am excited about the CC options. Especially CC2 Breath Control.

Am using a EWI-USB (Electronic Woodwind Instrument) and have successfully input notes before but without breath control.

I’ve 2 questions.

  1. I’m using IAA Instruments from Sampletank in Cubasis and triggering them with my EWI. They don’t seem to be responding to breath (nor do the Cubasis instruments) although there is breath data being written. Is there something I need to do so that it plays correctly and the breath dynamic can be heard?

  2. Notes and whole passages are being cut off when I play. The phrases I’m playing aren’t that fast so I’m not sure what is happening. Whole measures and not just the odd note. Is there something I need to do to at least be able to use Cubasis with my EWI.

Thanks for any help