Midi input issue from cubase into dorico 4.20

Hi there
I made for the first time a midi file import from Cubase in my new Dorico 4.2.
Everything went well, except that I end up with a vertical hook-shaped line along the left edge of the conductor, with the mention “Midi Input”. Other partitions are not affected.
Impossible to remove this hook.
An idea?

Not sure what you mean by this.

It sounds like a “group name”, as if all tracks had been grouped under Midi import group. Layout options >Staves and systems is the way to disable group names. And the MIDI import editor is where you set this kind of things in the first place, so if you see the option to group all those tracks, untick the button :wink:

Thanks Mark. I don’t see anything in the import editor, no such button, but I restarted my import and this time no problem ! :slight_smile: