MIDI Input keeps coming back on

I’m having problems with the MIDI Input keep coming back on, I have turned it off in preferences (Enable MIDI Input not ticked),
but after a short while of using Dorico, I end up with MIDI data going into Dorico, the Enable MIDI is still not ticked, but it is responding to MIDI data.

I need to tick the Enable MIDI Input, and apply, and then untick it and apply, and it goes a way for a while, but will very shortly switch itself on again.

This is Dorico V1.1, is this just my system doing this, or is it happening for others ?

I am using a MOTU Midi Express 128 interface (8in/8out)

I’ve not seen any reports of this. Is it one particular MIDI input device that you want to disable, rather than disabling MIDI input altogether? If so, then it’s possible to do that following the procedure described here.