MIDI input lost when track instrument track re-activated

  1. Create a Track Instrument track. The MIDI input automatically created on it as usual.

  2. Disable the track.

  3. Go to another track of any kind.

  4. Return to the disabled Track Instrument track. Enable it. More than half of the times MIDI input on the instrument is disconnected and I have to re-select “All MIDI inputs” on it. This needs to be fixed (enforce in the code, please!) because over the course of a day’s session I have to do this a few dozen times and it’s really annoying since there’s no keyboard shortcut to set for “fixing” this on the user’s end.

In the Device Setup, I do have my MIDI controller keyboard set as Visible, Active and In ‘All MIDI’ checked.

Thank you!


I can’t reproduce this.

As I said, this does not happen every time. Try this throughout your daily session, please.

Thank you!

Hello I’m experiencing that you’re not alone ! It’s so annoying, the expression map also is lost in the process… I created a thread also for this bug… https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=257&t=112802

please solve that…