MIDI input on Audio Tracks - for VST plugins w/ MIDI support

As it currently stands, (actually maybe this is in 9, still on 8.5…) If i’m not mistaken, to take advantage of a MIDI capable VST audio plugin on an audio track, you have to create a MIDI track and then route it to the audio tracks insert#/plugin in the MIDI tracks output menu, and then enable MIDI monitoring to bridge that connection.

I’d actually like to see Audio tracks have their own simplified version of what the MIDI track inspector looks like, essentially, stripped down to the MIDI in/out but with multiple outs (for purpose of targeting multiple inserts) of which the ‘Out’ menu only displays internal routing options within the channel (inserts 1-8).

I’d then like to see some easily accessible quick MIDI tools within this tab in the inspector. CC value limitation, CC Splitter, etc.

Preference options such as, ‘activate MIDI in on Audio Track when selected’.

This would be a more elaborate alternative to quick controls, or could be used with quick controls. But I’ve got 16 Knobs, a pitch wheel, and mod wheel on my Xboard 25, and only 8 Quick controls in Cubase… and plugins such as GRM Tools and Unfiltered Audio, D16, etc that have MIDI implementation in their plugins for all the controls.

Would just like to add. These MIDI settings, should be saved with track presets, so as soon as you load a track preset with plugins that have MIDI control implemented, you’re good to go start controlling whatever is on the strip.

Being able to manage multiple inputs from different hardware controllers, MIDI routing options, etc all accessible per audio channel.