MIDI input/output routing matrix

Is there a tool in Cubase for easily routing MIDI input notes to a different set of output notes?
The closest I’ve found is with drum maps (I-note and O-note), but they have a host of issues and I’d rather not use them for this.

Sends with a Transformer insert?

Note #'s can be remapped there? How many operations can the Input Transformer take at one time? I need to remap 24 notes in each instance, then multiple times over for each controller configuration. My first impression is that this would be very unfriendly using the Transformer.

What do you want to accomplish by doing this - what’s the end goal?

To map any midi note to any other midi note within the VST environment and have it saved with the song file/track preset etc.

One specific application is to map drum pads so that all configurations can be accessed through Cubendo. This would bypass the need to create “kits” and presets on midi controller hardware. When working with many configurations, it is nicer to recall them directly with the project file.

Sorry, but that’s not what I was asking. The above is a statement about how you’d like to do something, I’m asking what you are trying to accomplish using note mapping. The only answer you’ve given for that is for mapping drums - which is what Drum Maps are designed to do. But you don’t want to use those because they have some “issues”

If we knew what you would like to accomplish, not how you prefer to accomplish it we might be able to offer alternative approaches.

What I posted is the “what”. I see a number of uses for remapping MIDI notes and saving the maps. The objective is what I stated.

Yes, I mentioned that drum maps are not preferred here.
#1 plan on using some of these maps along with expression maps on VSTis.
Last I checked, those two are mutually exclusive (if I recall, the drum map blocks the expression map).
#2 they are godawful to use as they don’t even have rudimentary list editing functions like cut and paste. I have made dozens of drum maps, and I care to program as few things in that format as possible. It gives off the impression that someone started programming the concept 20 years ago and never even got to the second draft for an update.

Well if that’s your basic constraint, then as far as I know the short answer to your question is no.

You could put it in as a feature request.