Midi input pause

When using my midi keyboard for note entry in step mode, it would be a real time-saver to be able to “pause” and “un-pause” note entry in a toggle fashion. This would allow me to pause note entry, quickly try out a phrase on the midi keyboard without committing it to the page, then un-pause and continue entering as I was before.

ESC / SFT+N: doesn’t work exactly because the cursor position and attributes change. It’s also conceptually a different task.

Disabling the midi input doesn’t work because then I lose my VST, but, mapped to a key command, that’s the concept I’m looking for.

BTW: When entering notes this way, the keyboard split feature in v.3 is beyond fantastic!

You might consider assigning a MIDI key shortcut (e.g. for the very top or bottom key on your keyboard) to Note Input > Start Note Input on the Key Commands page of Preferences.