Midi Input Question

This is going to sound like a stupid/simple question. I’ve scoured the forums for an answer with no result and registered here just to post this question. Hoping you Cubase wizards can help me out.

Recording midi in time is easy. Drawing in midi notes is easy. Playing piano IS NOT EASY (for me). I’m a sax player and my keyboard skills are lacking.

Question: Is there a way to record midi information with the keyboard without playing in time? For example, let’s pretend there’s a string of very fast notes I want to plug in but don’t want to draw them in. Is there a way to just set hit the “eighth note” button, for example, and have all notes played on the keyboard go in as eighth notes without having to play them in time?

Thanks in advance for the help. Figured it would be easier than taking more piano lessons.

Hi and welcome,

Yes, this is possible and it’s called Step Input. You can find it in the MIDI Editors like Key Editor or Score Editor. You will set the start point and the grid. Then you can play the Notes one by one. Every new Note is added to the new position of the grid. You can enable/disable to get the Volume of the played Note.

oh jeeze - it can’t possibly be that easy, can it? Thanks so much for the reply.